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Even TMZ says it all rumors for now.


Pope Francis Vatican Buzz Resignation May be Looming

6/20/2022 7:25 AM PT


Pope Francis may be hanging it up soon stepping down as the leader of the Catholic Church at least that's the buzz in and around the Vatican.


There's some unusual activity going on … and the backdrop to all of it is the Pope's frail health. He's been confined to a wheelchair recently … the result of debilitating knee pain.


The Pope also just canceled a trip to Africa scheduled for next month.


What's fueling the resignation rumors is a meeting of cardinals that the Pope just scheduled … it's highly unusual.



Pope Francis assumed his role back in 2013 and has instituted a series of reforms, which include a new constitution.


What's especially interesting … Pope Francis's predecessor, former Pope Benedict, resigned in 2013 … he says it was based on deteriorating physical and mental health.


And, there's this … back in May, during a meeting with bishops, Pope Francis addressed his knee issues, saying, "Rather than operate, I'll resign."


Italian newspapers are all abuzz over the Papal resignation rumors, but so far no official word.

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Link had nothing about suicide


EXCLUSIVE: Amber Heard is seen smirking, rolling her eyes and nibbling on cookies as she's forced to listen to herself admitting on tape that she 'clocked' Johnny Depp in the face


Amber Heard rolls her eyes as she listens to herself admitting she 'clocked' Johnny Depp in the face, in a tape obtained exclusively by

Heard looks increasingly uncomfortable - fidgeting, smirking and chewing on snacks - as her 'confession' is played back to a room full of lawyers

The then-husband and wife were discussing a violent incident in which Depp claims he was struck by a bathroom door and punched in the jaw

Heard denies slamming the door into him intentionally but apologizes for deliberately hitting Depp, pleading: 'I just reacted and I'm sorry. It's below me'

The 33-year-old actress was confronted with the bombshell recording as she sat down for a deposition during their bitter 2016 divorce

Heard denied being the aggressor during their toxic 18-month marriage and says the tape 'misrepresents what actually happened'

Despite her denials, Depp's supporters say the audio is just one of several taped 'confessions' that proves Heard was the domestic abuser throughout their union