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Important Information but OP has no affiliation.


Sheriff and police chief in one city have both said if the MAGA Patriots do rise up in their jurisdictions as Constitutional Bounty Hunters they will immediately stand down on any attempts to interfere.


USA Patriots are going super high-tech stealth… Not honoring the Geneva Conventions with the MAGA POWs in the Washington DC Gulag has caused a tectonic shift in the USA PATRIOT.


Logical Opinion:

No law enforcement agency in America can stop the MAGA Patriots when they activate nationwide because their numbers are in the millions plus seeing and identifying them will be extremely difficult due to advanced CYBER advantages and their STEALTH TECHNIQUES in the field.


For example: A family can be BBQing outside and MAGA Bounty Hunter's can be next door picking up their target and leaving at the same time without anyone even knowing what happened…..Professionalism and public safety are the hallmarks of a USA Patriot.