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Turkey: NATO summit not deadline for talks with Sweden, Finland


Following the NATO row on account of Ankara accusing Sweden and Finland of supporting the PKK, which Turkey has listed as a terrorist organization, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's top foreign policy advisor said on Monday that Ankara does not view the NATO summit, which is set to take place next week, as the final deadline to resolve objections to Finland and Sweden joining the alliance.


The comments from Erdogan's Advisor, Ibrahim Kalin, followed talks between Turkey, Sweden and Finland, which NATO leaders had hoped would pave the way for a formal approval for the Nordic states to join the alliance.


But with Ankara accusing them both of providing a safe haven for PKK militants, which Turkey has been fighting against for decades, demanding the two countries lift their weapons freezes on Turkey, and them not reaching a deal with Ankara, the talks yielded no significant results.


"The Madrid NATO summit is not the deadline, so our negotiations will continue," Kalin told reporters, adding that "the existence of terrorist organizations must end in those countries. That is what we expect both from Finland and Sweden."


"Turkey's has legitimate security concerns over terrorism that we need to address," NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said.


"So we will continue our talks on Finland and Sweden's applications for NATO membership, and I look forward to finding a way forward as soon as possible."

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Israeli media: Current way for Knesset elect. to break "Israel" apart


Israeli media commented on Monday on the Israeli government's decision to dissolve the Knesset and hold early elections after next week's vote.


Israeli Channel 12's political commentator Amnon Abramovich said that with the current manner of holding elections, "we're practically breaking 'Israel' apart one step at a time."


Abramovich further said that what he means about the manner of holding elections doesn't refer to the technical or tactical aspects, rather it goes farther than this. "We've had four elections so far, and are headed for the fifth," pointing out that "there's a saying that says that if you do something over and over again and expect different results, that's not going to happen."


According to Abramovich, even if Netanyahu's bloc reaps 61 seats, it is still not possible to manage "Israel" with 61 MPs.


Israeli media reported that Netanyahu welcomed the decision to dissolve the government, as he called this a great night for Israelis, and announced that he will form a Likud-led government.


Channel 12's political commentator Amit Segal stated that the last thing "Israel" needed is a four-month-five-day-long electoral battle. "This is a very long period, the longest for at least 15 years," considering that "this is not a good thing amid the economic crisis" the occupation is currently going through.


Lapid: "Israel" in need of deep, wide reform


"Israel's" Foreign Minister, Yair Lapid, said during a press conference with Israeli occupation PM Naftali Bennett, that "Israel's" challenges will not await, even if the elections are months away, adding that the rise in living costs and the fight against Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah are things that must be handled.


He further stated that what happened in the past few days and this evening is additional proof that the Israeli institution is in need of deep, wide reforms.


After the Israeli government announced its intent to dissolve Knesset, and for the occupation's Foreign Minister Yair Lapid to handle the premiership instead of Naftali Bennett in the interim period, before heading for early elections, Maariv said that the agreed-upon date for the elections is October 25, 2022.


Israeli media outlets said the decision to dissolve Knesset was made after efforts were exhausted to keep some sort of stability in the coalition, and that Naftali Bennett is currently in talks with party leaders.


It was also reported that Yair Lapid will be the one to receive Biden during his visit on July 13.