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ty bake!


This fella resigning a pretty big deal…planefag shot was yesterday am. Not sure if one related to the other but you do not see many Polish or German transponding military aircraft enter US airspace.


Poland has been a BIG deep state playa…


Kind of like a pawn getting mopped up = this fella…


For those not playing at home…

Ukraine is the keystone and everything will unravel around Ukraine and info about Ukraine. Think of it as the deep statesMOTHER HIVE.


Russia has declared war on the mother hive. The mother hive is responding by deploying "all assets" . This includes the deep state players in the US, all of the shitbag NATO, some in the EU, etc.


By invading Ukraine Russia took the queen and control of the game.


The final move is to put the USA MILITARY in a position to decide whether to side with the mother hive deep state or #wethepeople.


Poland a "mop up move"…chase that pawn baby!


"Deputy Prime Minister of Poland Jaroslaw Kaczynski resigned.


Kaczynski was also the head of the ruling party and the National Security Committee. He was considered the informal leader of the country.


Kaczynski advocated NATO's direct participation in the Ukrainian conflict against Russia and declared readiness to deploy US nuclear weapons in Poland.


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