Anonymous ID: d4e468 June 21, 2022, 5:09 a.m. No.16482118   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2126

>>16482031 (pb)

>what pic?

This here, with Mickey Mouse clock photoshopped in, meanwhile the hm-crew complained about muh projectdcomms post, probably distraction.




Made it into temporary notables bun. Anon searched image, was obviously photoshopped. Shill tried it the thread before with a different pic.


>>16474901 ←–FAKE!

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It's not a new term, only the "adult" part of it.

Sudden INFANT death snydrome


Because you know, sometimes children JUST die. Yeah, just die, just like that. Snap.

And most of the time you know, yes they were injected with a vaccine some days or weeks prior, but that can't be it, says the expert, so it must have been the parents that killed the child. So take the parents and throw them in jail too.


Truly satanic.

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I bet they will do as they always do:

can't have been the vaxx, yada yada safe+effective yada yada, throw the parents in jail for killing their child (which is in a way even true).

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It's child abuse and removing parts of the genitals. Tons of nerves that exist for pleasure.

It's fucking up the children.


If you are against genital mutilation of girls, you should also be against genital mutilation of boys.