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> poll


kek guess I have election fuckery burned into the circuitry at this point


I didn't say the West is the only place.

But, area wise & % of potential customers, it is the biggest remaining block of landlines.

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No, it's based upon having an extended family member that is an exec at AT&T that has explained it to those of us at gatherings that have had these same landline questions.

And the West is the place that has the highest remaining % of landline users for the reasons I stated.

But, yeah, it's not the only place nor the only reasons.

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>Next week. Last possible day.

On the ScotusBlog one of them said if they reduced the number of opinions released this week to <5/day it could signal they may drag it out to July.

They did 5 again today so if they do 5 again Thursday then the chances of it being next week are prolly pretty good.