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Don't let them forget about Ray…


Revolver deep dive into Ray Epps


This is a long ass article which anons may have already seen, but normies may not have, with lots of pics and videos throughout, showing Epps from start to finish, proof he acted as a participant in the setup ''Good to share and analyze, consider the hearing day before yesterday, in which FBI stooges were quizzed about Ray."


Meet Ray Epps, Part 2: Damning New Details Emerge Exposing Massive Web Of Unindicted Operators At The Heart Of January 6

December 18, 2021


Too long to post, here's the conclusion;


Conclusion: The Time Is Now For Full-Court Legal and Legislative Action


You know the fix is in because we do not have Ray Epps’s phone records from January 6.


A full and complete record of every text message, every phone call, and every wire conversation Ray Epps made on January 5-6 would tell us exactly who else was privy to the Capitol breach plan. It would also very likely tell us which federal agencies were giving the orders, and which agents in particular were handling the many disparate members of the breach team.


The sham January 6 House Select Committee has now subpoenaed over 100 civilian cell phone records. But you know the fix is in because they have stayed away from subpoenaing the cell phone records of Ray Epps. And Ray Epps is just chilling at home these days, under the apparent protection of the Phoenix FBI.


We know that in the FBI-orchestrated “Whitmer Kidnapping Plot,” just three months before January 6, key FBI informants received text messages from handlers to “maximize attendance” of the patsies at locations where their presence would be construed as an “overt act” in furtherance of a conspiracy (“agreement” and “overt act” are the two legal elements of a federal conspiracy charge).


Congressional Republications must now demand the phone records and full and complete account of Ray Epps’s relationship with the federal government. Subpoenas should be flying at Sean Kaul, the Special Agent-in-Charge of the Phoenix FBI Field Office, faster than Merrick Garland can run from an honest question.


January 6 defense lawyers: you must seek court-ordered subpoenas for discovery production related to the federal government’s records on such individuals as Ray Epps and ScaffoldCommander. If Ray Epps is a Fed, and your client walked through the Peace Monument gate or was induced to trespass because of the Big Bang Breach Team’s booby trap, you have an entrapment case and a potential affirmative defense. The Justice Department is legally required under Brady to provide you with all potentially exculpatory evidence related to that defense, and you should be prepared to play tapes of Ray Epps to the jury showing how the riot started in the first place.


If ScaffoldCommander is a Fed, and your client was induced to “move forward” and be thrust into a breaching throng, you have an entrapment case. “Fill up the Capitol” is a direct order. That goes far beyond the “strong suggestive language” that government informants are required to stay within in order to avoid entrapment.


Finally, Ray Epps, if you’re reading this: We know that you are conflicted, and that you want the truth to come out. You can still be a hero.


Simply come forward, and tell the world your story.


What really happened on January 6?