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>>16487031 (last bread)


Someone named Qanon is the News Now



Crypto influencers allegedly weaponize conspiracies to fleece QAnon followers

Two QAnon conspiracy influencers have allegedly made millions by promoting cryptocurrencies in multiple pump-and-dump and scams saying they had “secret…


The Independent

Hotel guest saw QAnon surfer Matthew Coleman just before he allegedly murdered his children

A hotel guest has recalled seeing a QAnon-supporting surfer in northern Mexico the day before authorities say he murdered his two young children.


Yahoo News

'QAnon shaman' protested 2020 election at Arizona statehouse

New video shown by the House Select Committee investigating the Capitol attack revealed Jacob Chansley previously protested the 2020 election's results at…

.15 hours ago


Raw Story

QAnon cryptocurrency implodes — and costs its investors millions of dollars: report

On Monday, disinformation-fighting tech company reported that a special cryptocurrency developed for adherents of the QAnon conspiracy theory…

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I think we should all be angry about this.

Our whole society has been demolished.

We should build it back

but not the way the Dems think

No one wants to live in a criminal society.


I tell a lot of people nowadays

"you could be so beautiful with just a little effort"

why are people so hot about being pierced, tatooed and dressed like slobs?

build it back

build it back

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being loved

is a whole lot better than being hated

but it takes getting used to

got to build it like a camp fire


good night

good luck

I'm sure she's just as beautiful as you dreamed

but no one ever really is, are they

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I have a few choice words to say

about bullshit like this

Marilyn avoided looking dirty sexually

she portrayed a woman who was helplessly feminine

not a whore


and so I will pick this bone with you


if men do not respect beauty in a woman

without violating her in their mind

(which is sort of what courtesy is, that old fashioned stuff)

then beauty won't happen


there is nothing beautiful about overt sexuality

you are missing half of life

if you miss the beauty in it

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Tucker Carlson's monologue of June 20th was about people

who have claimed that they have PTSD after the "J6 insurrection"

AOC, and a couple of reporters, maybe others


this reminds me of the "slip and fall" laws

that plagued many businesses at one time

even put some OUT of business

I saw it several times with my own eyes

Once on a rainy day , floors getting wet,

the grocer had placed mats, caution markers, etc

and still an obese black woman had managed to fall


Another, someone had busted a shampoo bottle (?)

and some person not looking where he went

came along and slipped on the mess


Problem is, the business was responsible for the safety of customers

and liable anyway

and so it was worth it just to pay out of hand

than to take it to court


So, too, was someone in charge of the safety of

all the people in the Capital building on January 6

and it wasn't the President of the United States

It was Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi

She was in charge of the safety of everyone in the building

and even outside of the building

She had been alerted to the possible dangers.

And the dangers could have come from anywhere

and especially anyone wishing to discredit the Trump supporters.


It looks very much like she deliberately placed Congress

their staffs, media people, visitors, everyone in jeopardy

perhaps even hoping that there would be problems, and danger


I suggest that anyone who was allowed entrance

the day of the "said insurrection"

and suffered any harm, arrest, PTSD, endangerment,

harassment by government officials

privacy invaded by beefed up charges

family life interrupted

loss of jobs

loss of an essential use of a phone

I think those people should sue Nancy Pelosi.

She had every opportunity to make sure

that the Capital would be secure

that there would be enough security available

to handle any potential event that might occur.

Nancy Pelosi not only did not ensure the safety of Congress

she deliberately neglected her duties to do this.