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I just wanna know how I joined the Dig Meme Pray telegram channel from a banner add in this forum only to be kicked out for sharing my own personal tik tok videos. Who tf is running that shit to where I had to join through a link in this forums ads at the bottom of the page yet they kick me out for posting a tik tok link? The fuck is wrong with you


Anon is damn near competing with CNN on views. I’m really not that far away from them, and if all you have to say is that I’m namefagging and you’re not just as excited as I am about this, I don’t think you’re an anon at all.


We literally get better ratings combined with all of our channels than any major news network. My profile is proof. I’m one person. I can think of 5 other video creators who get as many views as I do.


WWG1WGA, the more of us there are on tik tok, the easier it is for us to correct the narrative and blast [their] hashtags