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This should be a template for how the MSM operates.

Rule of thumb. When the MSM disses something, think opposite. Think: How are they trying to manipulate the opinion of the public? Sometimes it is painfully obvious, but sometimes they use emotional tugs. Also, they use MSM for their own means of comms.

The MSM has been weaponized.

It's not just Fake News, it's Weaponized News.

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They live on private islands and villas.

Guarded by private armed guards and security systems.

They travel by private jets and private yachts and go to private clubs that you will never have access to.

You will never see them, because they don't associate with plebs.

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Is this a commercial for coca-cola?

Three bottles of coke on a Thanksgiving table?

And there aren't even enough chairs for everyone to sit down. Everyone all squished together.