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Hillary Clinton



If you watch nothing else from the latest January 6th hearing, watch Republican official Rusty Bowers explain why he chose his country, his oath, and the truth over Trump.


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Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers, a Republican, testifies about a phone call from Rudy Giuliani and the former President after the 2020 election.


Trump never provided evidence to back up his claims of voter fraud.


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Barack Obama



Great news for parents: The COVID-19 vaccine is approved for kids under 5. As appointments ramp up, you’ll be able to find a vaccine at pediatricians’ offices, pharmacies, and more. It's safe and effective—this is another big step to protect our loved ones and communities.


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President Biden


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We've been planning and preparing for this historic moment.


Yesterday, Jill and I met with families and young children who were waiting for their vaccine shots – and others who had just received it.


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Thx Commerce Cmte 4 advancing my bipartisan Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) Transparency Act by 19-9 vote Bill will hold PBMs accountable + promote competition + estb transparency Will keep fighting 2 lower Rx drug costs 4 u


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