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Nolte: Disney’s Woke ‘Lightyear’ Bombed All over the World

John Nolte20 Jun 2022


So the child groomers at the Walt Disney Company decided to gay up the Toy Story franchise, and it not only laid an egg here in America, it bombed all over the world.


Gee, what a shock.


The experts who watch the box office said Lightyear would gross $70 to $85 million domestic and do another $50 to $60 million offshore for a worldwide opening of $135 million. Instead, the gayed-up Toy Story origin story crash-landed with a $51 million domestic opening and only an additional $34 million offshore, for a pathetic $85.6 million worldwide haul.


In other words, Lightyear’s worldwide haul equaled what was supposed to be its domestic haul, and that whachoocall a bigtime flopperoo.


Lightyear reportedly cost $200 million to produce, and you know the predators at Disney must have spent at least another $100 million for worldwide promotion. That’s a $300 million price tag, which means Lightyear will have to gross around $550 to $650 million worldwide just to break even, which seems pretty unlikely.


Do you have any idea how insane and out-of-touch Disney must be to invest $300 million in a movie that includes homosexuality? And not just any kind of movie—a kiddie movie. And not just any kind of kiddie movie, a Toy Story movie!


It’s one thing for the child groomers at Disney to push for gay porn to be allowed in grade schools. That’s no skin off Disney’s bottom line, and they still get what they want, which is young children groomed into sexual playthings they can manipulate and abuse. It is another thing altogether, though, to stick this kind of inappropriate material into a $300 million investment.


Listen, I’m sorry, I know we are not supposed to say this out loud, but I’m going to say it anyway… Other than homosexuals, no one wants to watch any kind of sexual intimacy between same-sex couples. We just don’t. Why? Because — if you’ll pardon the expression — we were born this way. It’s how we’re wired. No one goes to the movies to be made uncomfortable, and parents don’t take their kids to the movies — most especially a Disney movie — to expose them to human sexuality before they are ready.


As I’ve said a million times before, there is nothing wrong with Hollywood making movies for homosexuals. Hollywood should make movies for everyone. What will never sell is mainstreaming homosexuality. There are two reasons for this: 1) it makes 90 percent of the population uncomfortable, and 2) every time it pops up in a movie or TV show it comes off like a lecture instead of a natural part of the story. No one likes a lecture. It makes us roll our eyes. It breaks the storytelling spell. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth. It ruins the whole experience.


My attitude towards how other people live their lives is utter indifference. I don’t care how you live your life. I don’t care how anyone lives their life. You want to have orgies and worship Satan and smoke meth—I don’t care. Just don’t do it on my porch and don’t call me a bigot because I don’t want to watch.


As much as the woketards want to, they cannot rewire human nature.


Human nature is human nature.


Most Americans, including myself, have no problem “tolerating” all of these alternative lifestyles. Live and let live. Consenting adults and all that. What we’ll never do is “accept” or “celebrate” this stuff.


And you can’t make us watch it.

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Benny Johnson


Tucker torches traitors like Cornyn & McConnell for selling out the GOP base


“Has there ever been a greater,more brazen sell out of any group of voters than what Republican Senator Mitch McConnell John Cornyn& the rest are doing right now? Talk about a subversion of democracy”

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They are not supposed to use the live virus, Gates vaccine does, they killed hundreds of 1,000s in Africa and it was brought to US, children catching polio from children that got the vaccine. It was banned in Africa and SE Asia countries due to the amount of deaths. Children here are walking carriers of the live virus, so when playing with other children they can get it. and yes it gets into the sewer and water system. RFKjr had a massive article and research on this.


Gates plan was depopulation by any means necessary. But none of these assholes are arrested or charged with crimes against humanity

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Hawley and others should get the 14 Senators that did this to vote NO when put up for a vote!

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Jesse’s monologue is brilliant and funny on Bidan falling off a bike!


Jesse Watters' brutally honest takedown of Joe Biden is the greatest thing you'll watch today

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Cave in CornynThe Dem admin is making fun of Cornyn.

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DeSantis won by 30,000 votes in FL. Thank God he did. Do democrats run so they wont be arrested if they win?