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>>16489747 LB

Exactly anon! I drew the line with him when he made it legal to teach perversion to 4th grade and up in schools. Every other idiot thought he was doing such a great thing not allowing it K-3rd grade, but he actually made it LEGAL to teach sexual perversion to children from 4th grade and higher. What he should have done is eliminate that kind of grooming from schools period, which is what Trump would do!! People are either shilling for him here, or are just blind fools blindly following a conman!

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Guess I should have added, that God is our true and only Hope (Hope with a capital H), yes, we need 'men'/'man' to act and we have plenty that are taking action! Not just Lara (and I have nothing against her), but she is NOT our only hope, thanks be to God!!

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>The move prompted radio host Kimberly Klacik to call Oz and “Snake.”


Trump let the snek in, now we're going to show him (oz) who's boss, it's we the American people that will get the last word!!