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UUUNNNGHhhhhh it's starting to become a reality…. I was seriously fucking hoping this really was just a conspiracy theory. Fuck……


Sick and Twisted Cultists and The War Against God: Lara Logan


"I no longer use that term [global elite] because this person told me that they're not elite; they're a cult. That's what they are. They're a global cult."




P.S. Anyone know why the boards would reject a video saying "Invalid Image?"

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I actually think that's normal, even for humans. When we remember someone we don't remember every single detail about them exactly, we only remember significant features they have. I can't remember my mother's face exactly as it is. I remember she has short brown/gold hair, dark skin, glasses, skinny face, and the rest of the normal features like eyes, nose, and mouth. Dall-E's depictions/paintings might actually be how we remember as well, slightly distorted but enough detail to identify.