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Justice (potentially) breaking out, Statutory rapist who was awarded custody of child born of rape- decision REVERSED, ie: The Judge got way too much heat over his crap decision and the publicity made him do the right thing:


Father could be charged with RAPE after Louisiana judge reversed decision to award him of custody of teenage daughter when mother revealed she was conceived during sex attack when SHE was 16

John Barnes, 46, may soon face statutory rape charges as a custody battle for his 16-year-old daughter with Crysta Abelseth continues

Abelseth came forward last week to accuse Barnes of raping her when she was a teenager, saying their daughter was conceived from the rape

She filed a complaint detailing the alleged rape in 2015, but the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Office had not investigated the case until last week

Meanwhile, Judge Jeffrey Cashe on Tuesday reversed his decision to grant Barnes full custody of his 16-year-old daughter

A trial to decide who gets full custody is now set for July 15

In the meantime, the girl is in the custody of guardians, as agreed upon by both parents, and they will alternate custody on the weekends

June 22, 2022


A Louisiana man who lost full custody of his teenage daughter on Tuesday after the girl's mother claimed she was conceived during a rape may soon face charges for the alleged crime.


Crysta Abelseth has claimed that her daughter's biological father - John Barnes - raped her when she was 16 after they met at a bar in 2005.


But Barnes has denied these allegations, and was granted full custody of their 16-year-old daughter in March after Abelseth reportedly gave the girl a cellphone she was using to send inappropriate text messages.


As part of the ruling, Abelseth, 32, was forced to pay Barnes child support.


But on Tuesday, Judge Jeffrey Cashe on Tuesday reversed his decision to grant Barnes, 46, full custody of the 16-year-old girl.


And now Barnes may finally be charged with statutory rape for the alleged crime.


Speaking to on Wednesday, Jarrett Ambeau, who is representing Abelseth pro bono in her custody fight, said he and Abelseth met with the Tangipahoa Parish District Attorney to discuss potential charges against Barnes.


'We met with them,' he said, adding that he is 'very happy' the District Attorney's office listened to Abelseth's claims.


Ambeau said he expects the District Attorney's office to reach a decision about possible charges early next week after collecting evidence and speaking with witnesses.


The meeting on Wednesday comes a full seven years after Abelseth first filed a complaint with the Sheriff's Office documenting the alleged rape.


Sheriff Daniel Edwards has since admitted his office 'dropped the ball' by not investigating the complaint until last week, but denied that it was intentional.


'I feel bad for Crysta that happened,' he said. 'But I want the public to know this was not a willful continuing failure.' (LIAR!!)