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What Is Your Plan To Make It Through The Worst Global Food Crisis In Any Of Our Lifetimes?


We are being warned well ahead of time that it is coming. Joe Biden has publicly admitted that the coming food shortages are “going to be real”, and the head of the UN World Food Program is now telling us that we could soon see “hell on Earth” because the lack of food will be so severe. Food prices are already escalating dramatically all over the globe, and food riots have already erupted in Sri Lanka and elsewhere. But most people in the western world are treating this crisis as if it is no big deal. Many seem to assume that our leaders have everything under control and that things will work out just fine somehow.


anon's prepping like a mofo but still wonders if it will be enough

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Uvalde staying in the news..


The Uvalde City Council unanimously voted to deny newly elected Councilman Pete Arredondo a leave of absence, as the fallout of the Robb Elementary School shooting from May 24 in Texas, which resulted in the deaths of 19 children and two adults.

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>put a freezer in your garage and fill it.

yep also keep in mind that if you have a basic generator you can keep that freezer working for about 8-10 hours.