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CALLING ALL ANONS! Wolf Blitzer just had Adam Kinzinger on. Wolf said to him: We know Ginny Thomas (the wife of Clarence Thomas) has accepted the request to testify before the committee, at least in public, I don't know if she communicated that to you. Do you think the committee wants her to come before the committee. The crying man: Yes, we believe she might have information that we would like to know.


Wolf: If she comes before the committee will that be in private or in public. Crying man (immediately): In private. There you have it anons! The committee is afraid to interrogate Ginny Thomas live on TV. Why? Calling for skilled anons to find the vid clip (happened about 10-15 minutes ago) and bring it to the board. Then calling memeanons (oldanon loves memeanons) make their memes and go into full attack mode.

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EXACTLY. That's why Kinzinger said: in private so quickly. It's something normies should hear. Ginny Thomas wants to testify before the Jan. 6 committee but the committee will only do it in secret. They afraid Ginny will kick their traitorous asses. Look! The media is pushing the committee hearings 24-7. The committee said they will subpoena Ginny Thomas. Ginny said she will gladly come before them. ooops.

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Of course she is. She wants them, she wants them bad. And they know it. aside: why did my 2 posts on this subject trigger a few so bigly? Still think skilledanons should get on this Wolf/Kinsinger exchange.