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What happens if rogue elements of US AB[C] intel agency target [to insert] US political system [President, VP, House, Senate, NSC, US Amb., etc.] in ‘black op’ designated to control friend vs. foe targeting [self-preservation]?

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Nov 13, 2019 11:54:51 AM EST

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Read carefully.

Re-read carefully.

Spy_insert [EC] known?

Re-read drops re: Spy_insert.

What do these people have in common?

Pelosi's son

Kerry's son

Romney's son

Biden's son

Hint: Geo location: Ukraine

Hint: Energy


When [GS] calls, D's always answer.

Nothing can stop what is coming.






CONTENT: A 4-page letter from Senator Charles Grassley to then Deputy Attorney

General Rod Rosenstein regarding the FARA (Foreign Agent's Registration Act) status

of Alexandra Chalupa. For the sake of brevity, only Sen. Grassley's list of questions is

reproduced here:

  1. What actions has the Justice Department taken to enforce FARA’s requirements

regarding Chalupa given the public reporting of her actions on behalf of the Ukrainian


  1. Why has the Justice Department not required her to register under FARA?

  2. Has the Justice Department sent a letter of inquiry to Chalupa? If so, please provide a

copy. If not, why not?

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  1. Under 28 C.F.R. § 5.2, any present or prospective agent of a foreign entity may


an advisory opinion from the Justice Department regarding the need to register. Has

Chalupa ever requested one in relation to her work on behalf of the Ukrainian

government? If so, please provide a copy of the request and opinion.

  1. Please differentiate the facts that required the Podesta Group and Mercury LLC to

register with Chalupa’s.

  1. Are you investigating the Ukrainian government’s intervention in the 2016 presidential

election on behalf of the Clinton campaign? If not, why not?

  1. Are you investigating links and coordination between the Ukrainian government and

individuals associated with the campaign of Hillary Clinton or the Democratic National

Committee? If not, why not?