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The Jewish Teaching That Supports Abortion & Trans Rights. A trans rabbi's perspective on how Judaism protects bodily autonomy. Reproductive rights are a Jewish value. Reproductive rights are a Queer issue.

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what are they gonna do when jews sue for freedom of religion to their right to have an abortion? jewish law says mothers life come first and life starts at birth. they gonna shoot that down and finally officially acknowledge they’re biased against non christians?

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This Shabbat, as we go to give my daughter her Hebrew name, I sit here screaming from my proverbial rooftop that abortion access is a Jewish value. This decision is an infringement upon my religious rights. Spare me your pearl clutching.

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Actually, no. Jewish women have a right (in some cases an OBLIGATION) to an abortion. It is certain authoritarian sects of Christianity that have such trouble with it. And weirdly they only made it an issue after the civil rights movement/integration. Let that sink in.

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You’ve got to be completely fucked in the head to compare today’s result to the end of the holocaust. Woman in the US now don’t have the ability or choice to have a safe abortion. The holocaust caused millions of innocent Jewish lives to be taken because Hitler didn’t like them.