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Today was the shot fired 'round the world by Patriots. Ending abortion was the first victory and the most important victory. It's the turning point in the silent war. It's the moment when many around the world who carry the faith realized that they can participate in saving themselves.


Big day today. Smart anons will check June 24 delta Q Posts. Many messages sent to anons. To move forward you have to look back.

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DC is in a panic. The intra government fights that the Cabal never wanted to break out (SES) are breaking out. Whistleblowers standing in line. Alliance has smoked out several SES sleepers. SES is being taken down. I repeat. SES fights breaking out. Sides forming. Separation of the Corporate SES Puppets and Patriot SES who got in by downplaying their political beliefs. Add that to the list of traitor organizations Trump broke - the SES. Shit's getting real in high level government offices in DC.