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“My fellow [Anons], the Storm is upon us……..”


No sauce on this one Anons, but internal schumann resonance is ULTRA-COMFY!


It feels like the Storm, it feels like the first 150 Q-Posts. THE CLASSICS! National Guard, Upheaveal, and only one way…and GEOTUS…to save us from the abyss right beyond the precipice.


Q 4949 Picture, then See Tucker Carlson live tonight (picture first, then video embedded herein). Looks like Eye of the Storm, with similar/same Flagpole, and similar/same landscape.


Whether Happening, or Two More Weeks, Love to all the Anons, to Q Team, to Q Plus, to the Bakers, to the Helpers, to Wife-Anon without whom I am nothing, and to the most glorious Judeo-Christian week of Supreme Court Liberty this Anon ever thought he would ever see!


The Gael - The Last Of The Mohicans Theme 1 hour []


7.83 Hz Schumann Resonance, 432 Hz Powerful Healing Frequency, Boost Positive Energy, Meditation []