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I hope they pulled him out of that truck.

Nick Wessum




Having fled the People’s Republic of Seattle, trust me…we know the left’s tactics.

Take your foot off the gas, get pulled out and beaten to death (or close to it).

No thanks.

You made the rules.


YES ^^^^^^^^^

Summer of Love

taught us well

not stopping

to see what happens

with the "mostly peaful protestors"



all pb













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lefties, some of them see the insanity this time around???







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Good job editing out what really went down here, and instead showing a 7-second clip that makes the truck driver look most guilty!


Tony Peric




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The girl to the right threw a sign at the car. I'm not advocating anything for the driver. I wasn't there. But in a situation like this I would fear for my life if people ran up to my truck.

I'm pro choice too so don't come @ me.




Robert Joyner




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I'm pro choice but ain't nobody trying to get Reginald Denny'd…..

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>I don’t think the general public is going to tolerate a lot of this. It’s been a tough year and patience is wearing thin. I expect to see more car v person events this time around