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How Jim Watkins, Babyfist, Doge/Austin Steinbart and Flint faked the Q posts


Laughing_MAN aka Babyfist was a Global Volunteer and BO of /ABCU/. He used his GV account to post on Qs bread after larping on Q research for a year straight. He was immediately caught because, just like last night, these people are fucking stupid, and he did it without even using a VPN. So, because we all have what are called IP hashes (scrambled version of your IP posted with every post you make) it was easy to prove Babyfist posted on Qs board and then tried to lie about it. He's so stupid though, 28 seconds after faking a post on Qs board, he came to this board and posted under the same IP address. Jim then went on a press tour and told everyone it came from Babyfists GV account, only to 6 months later have video came out of Jim hanging out in a hotel with Babyfist.


In the last week, it was exposed that not only is Jim connect to Babyfist, but also Austin Steinbart, aka Doge, and a bunch of other Cicada 3301 grifters. They all post on /deepdigs/ together, where Doge is the only baker and the board owner. Needing something to take the heat off of themselves, they hatched the plan to fake Q posts. Cracking the trip code would be difficult. So with Jim's assistance, they created a password and then rotated the SALT so that the created password would output a trip code identical to Qs last Trip code. This can be verified easily and already has been. Anyone that is a BO/BV that posts without a VPN can see that their IP hash has changed, any anon with a trip code that existed before the SALT rotation will see that even though their password has NOT changed, their tripcode has as is demonstrated in picrel. They planned it out so that the fake Q posts would happen while Jim was on stage so he could have plausible deniability, but because THESE PEOPLE ARE STUPID, he didn't expect anons to notice the SALT rotation so quickly.


Anons knew last night that something was way off with these Q posts. 1. There was no content, just recycled phrases from old Q posts, as Babyfist and the fake Q were caught doing last year (picrel). 2. Q ALWAYS re-verified his trip code after long absences because SALT gets rotated, and trip codes can be brute forced. (picrel) 3. In the past, whenever Q would start posting, the board would experience MASSIVE lag when they connect and disconnect from the site. It was a noticeable enough lag to the point anons were able to start calling out when Q was about to post. This did not happen last night.


Being that Anons realized quickly something was wrong, some anons started calling into doubt that these were real Q posts. No verification, No delta with PDJT, no posts from Scavino, Nunes or anyone else to confirm. So anons started talking about it being fake. Immediately the well known shills on this board that Jim has aligned himself with started attacking anons. This should ALWAYS be a big RED FLAG. If shills are attacking someone, they are doing it for a reason. Everyone was waiting for a confirmation, but the shills were shoving the fake Q posts into the dough and telling everyone that disagreed to shut up. Until Dan scavino posted (picrel). A literal BABY FIST. In fact, if you go to GOOGLE, type in BABY FIST and search images, this will be one of the first pictures you will find. Dan Scavino was letting us know who was posting the fake Q posts, Babyfist, the same person that comp'd Qs board previously, lied about it and Jim Watkins assisted in doing it.


It was at this point anons started to notice that their own personal trip codes & IP hashes have changed. It was at this point also that BV Dart started to delete posts calling out that the SALT had been rotated. (picrel) in an attempt to cover up the fact that BO Flint was colluding with Jim Watkins, Babyfist & Austin Steinbart to dupe Qs trip code in an attempt to drive traffic back to this board. If there are no anons, Jim's grift is over, along with the money they make from aggregators. Whenever bullshit happens you have to ask Who Benefits? And the person that benefits the MOST from a Q return is JIM WATKINS. T-shirt, coffee, honey sales skyrocket, advertisers pay for banners, etc.. Jim Watkins has been doing everything he can to destroy what this place was and turn it into REDDIT 2.0 because he thinks he can get rich, but nothing he had done up to this point reached the level of absolute comp'd faggotry last night did. Now, knowing that the game was up, and Dan Scavino had completely BTFO of their gay op to take over the Q trip code, they switched from attacking anons to claiming "Dan posted a fist bump to celebrate R v W" except this is how dan has always operated. If he needs to comm with anons he does it in a simple way for us to figure out quickly. I.E -"Dan, who is posting as Q?" - Dan "Posts a BabyFist." Knowing that he (babyfist) is an idiot and had been exposed Babyfist rushed to TS to try to cover himself and responded to Dan with Picrel 2 an hour after Dan posted. But Dan did not like the post or retruth it, as Dan would have if Babyfists excuse held water. It doesn't and thusly Doge, Flint, Jim Watkins & Babyfist were all exposed last night again for the grifting cocksucking pieces of shit they are. Hope that clears it all up! You may all return to being newfaggot retards that oldfags hate for discrediting what real Anons accomplished here.


Also, For almost 2 years Torposting has not worked. It was both turned off at the board level on Q research by Fastjack, and disabled Site-Wide by Jim Watkins. Which means not only was it re-enabled by Jim, but also by FLINT. Meaning not only did Jim collude with Babyfist to adjust the SALT to make the password match Qs Tripcode, he also colluded with FLINT to have Torposting turned back on, on QR less than 24 hours before last night's fake Q posts were made. What that means is that EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of /QR/ is comp'd. From Jim who made all of this happen, to Flint who colluded to fool anons, to BV DART on clean-up deleting posts that were calling out the fuckery. Jim, Babyfist, Flint, Dart & Austin have utterly destroyed what Q research once stood for: Finding truth.


One last thing - With the SALT being rotated, Q's tripcode would have changed even if the passcode to get the tripcode did not. Q's is the only TRIPCODE that DID NOT CHANGE. Meaning that they gamed the SALT system to get the result they wanted. They created a passcode, and adjusted the SALT for it to output what they wanted, cracking the TRIP could take years. Adjusting the SALT can be done by the SITE ADMIN whenever they choose.This 100% shows Jim Wakins was involved in this attempt to steal Q's TRIP, Babyfist could not have done this without the ADMIN ACCOUNT. So, either Jim Watkins is no longer in control of the ADMIN ACCOUNT, or Jim Watkins did this HIMSELF.


Update: This morning, Jim Watkins came to the board, told everyone he was incapable of changing the SALT because he was in SoCal and it had to be Q. Less than an hour later Jim Watkins reverted the SALT to it's original form meaning that tripcodes reverted to the their original output before the ignorrance of last night happened. Meaning not only did Jim have the ability to change the SALT from Socal, which was done, he lied to everyone in claiming he could & did not.


So, Simple questions get simple answers.

Who benefits the most from faking Q posts? - Jim Watkins.

Who has the ability to game the system to fake Q posts? - Jim Watkins

Who made sure they had plausible deniability when it happened? - Jim Watkins

Who showed this morning to run damage control with no real answers? - Jim Watkins.

Who stands to make money if Q comes back? - Jim Watkins.

Who was hanging out with the person that tried to LARP as part of Q team already? - Jim Watkins.

Who made Babyfist that LARPED as NSA for over a year a GV? - Jim Watkins

Who is now trying to defend Babyfist and claim it wasn't he that comp'd Q'd board after admitting it was? - Jim Watkins

Why was Torposting Fixed right before "Q" tripcode posts were made? - Prior knowledge by Jim Wakins

Why did every other IP hash and Tripcode output change except for the Q trip? - Jim Watkins gamed the SALT system to get the output they desired



Anons used to be all about using logic.

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>That's his trip… correct. But what's his passcode and length of it that needs to be cracked, why won't you answer this if you have information… Are you sliding hivemind too?

Tripcodes don't add extra characters numbnuts. If the Hash is 10 characters, so is the passcode. We went over this earlier, but I guess you thing there are newfags now. Fail harder.

Anonymous ID: e94749 June 25, 2022, 7:41 p.m. No.16521452   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>The whitelist doesn't matter when the Salt was rotated because Q's TC would have been different.

Which is more evidence that Jim flat out fucking lied when he said that Q's trip is whitelisted and wouldn't change. You can't be a liar and stupid, shit just doesn't work.

Anonymous ID: e94749 June 25, 2022, 7:44 p.m. No.16521485   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>Too bad anons saw right through your bull shit

Right, that's why we are on NeptuneResearch right now. Oh wait, the only place anyone can find your posts is /QRB/

Anonymous ID: e94749 June 25, 2022, 7:45 p.m. No.16521501   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1525


>You are truly too dumb to be here..

And yet smart enough to wreck every retarded LARP attempt you have made for two years, even with the Site owner against me for the last year.

Anonymous ID: e94749 June 25, 2022, 7:53 p.m. No.16521582   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1592


>Nope. Sippin' whiskey & enjoying the SALT flowing from shills and watching the half naked wife cooking a fat steak.

Everyone here knows you are gay, bro. No need to LARP as not a faggot.