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>>16550031 pb lb Ron Watkins[CodeMonkeyZ] DR Z


It's a coincidence how you mentioned that you were praying for Zev last night because he actually came to my mind, indirectly, while I was praying to God and thanking Him for giving my wife a further sign about things I have told her in the past regarding Elijah and manifestations of God's Holy Spirit (Christ). One prayer word was Tzabaoth. As I repeatedly mediated on the word, I recalled how all are saying it wrong. It is actually not pronounced as a Zab but a Zev, which actually brought about the recall of Dr Z for a moment. I thought about this man and what he was doing in regards to the current struggles and wished him God's blessings and quickly dismissed it as I continued thanking God for all the miracles. Thank you for all you guys have done and God Bless you both.