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Q- So glad you are back in the saddle. It's been tough, but anons hung in.


Are they trying to get people to equate Cassidy Hutchinson with the Watergate scandal? D base and political figures will definitely get emotional if they think they smell Watergate blood in the water.

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I came home one night as an early twenties college student. As per usual I had quite a few beers in me and I'm looking through the fridge for some eats. Then I saw a big glass of cold milk.


I was about 1/3 of the glass in when I realized it was bacon grease my Mom had saved.


Cassidy Hutchinson = Bacon Grease

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If you know the rules, then don't get down on yourself. Expectations breed disappointment. Just let it flow, anon. All is well when you take a higher altitude view on things. Get your head up out of the weeds and you'll feel better.

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Take a few days. Get outside. Do something you love to do. Help someone who needs it (that's what gets me out of a funk). All it takes is a kind heart and that is free (before you say you're so broke you can't afford to pay attention). kek