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10 Legit Challenges Of Being Low-Key Sarcastic

by Marie Cyprien

July 14, 2022

Being low-key sarcastic means not being straightforward with your sarcasm. It could either be because you prefer to keep your sarcasm under the wraps or because it’s so good that you might lose friends if shown.

Whatever the reason, being low-key sarcastic does come with its own challenges:

  1. Your friends are often surprised by what comes out of your mouth…

…because you’re not straightforward with your sarcasm. At all. So in the event that you are which is usually when you’re drunk, they’re caught off guard.

  1. It takes time for people to get it.

You have to wait a few minutes before the person realizes you’re being sarcastic or else they give you an awkward look. It’s why being sarcastic can be socially risky for you.

  1. You love using puns…

…but not too much because you don’t want to be annoying. When you do use them, they’re very subtle and always intended.

  1. The boldness in your sarcasm doesn’t match your voice…

…because it’s either monotone or soft as a feather and it often doesn’t do even your best sarcastic moments justice.

  1. You sometimes make fun of yourself.

Guess who’s back by unpopular demand: me.

  1. Most of your sarcasm is in the form of body language…

…including eye rolls, side-eye, raised eyebrows, and the ever-popular resting b*tch face.

  1. Your meekness is actually your strength.

Being meek gives people the chance to talk your ears out and you the chance to know how full of it they may be so you can put your sarcasm to good use.

  1. You have to get comfortable with someone in order to let your sarcastic side out…

…because you want to know if the person has thick skin.

  1. When you’re anger goes through the roof, so does your sarcasm.

The first sign that you’re losing your temper is when your sarcasm becomes very obvious. Hey, maybe don’t eat my food without permission? Just a f*cking thought.

  1. You hide your sass very well…

…because you can’t have sarcasm without some sass and your sassiness is hidden in it.


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