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In years past the 'grooming' was so slow and methodical after having infiltrated government and media, that by the time one generation of children went into adulthood, the truth of it all was 'delayed' in being 'known' by the 'groomed' population.


But after Q's project began, of 'lighting fires' here, and 'drip drip' there. everything 'they' had planned needed to be 'accelerated' because what was unnoticed before, started to become noticed that 'they' had to keep shifting the narrative to the next 'current thing', over and over.


Finally after enough of those iterations the public woke up, realizing that these 'stories' are not merely 'reports' of what is happening 'organically', but rather the msdnc is itself complicit in pushing stories of 'events' that are DESIGNED to shift attention to the stories 'they' want to be dominant, e.g. Russia hoax, impeachment hoax, laptop is Russia disinformation hoax, Smollett hoax, on and on and on.


The concept 'groomer' scares 'them' because eventually the adult population worldwide will accept that they themselves have since birth been 'groomed' by the narrative 'they' have been pushing for generations.


The more we 'notice' children being 'groomed', the more we see it's been happening to children for centuries by the same cult that has mobilized ALL their assets to try to distract the world away from.