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Which is like some sort of demonic ceremony.

What if demons in some way "feed" on self-abasement and pain?

And his lord was wroth, and delivered him to the tormentors, till he should pay all that was due unto him.

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>How Jim Watkins, Babyfist, Doge/Austin Steinbart and Flint faked the Q posts


DAMMIT GERBIL!>>17060671

>Anyone notice Trump said "we're not gunna take it anymore" at the most recent rally? Referencing Q post 4953? Also interesting he says that near the time Q posts again.

Was Dee Snider consulted?

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Neptune's Bellows is a channel on the southeast side of Deception Island forming the entrance to Port Foster, in the South Shetland Islands. The name, after the Roman sea god Neptune, was appended by American sealers prior to 1822 because of the strong gusts experienced in this narrow channel.

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They won't listen, anon.

The problem is not whether or not people know they are corrupt. The problem is that people believe they will benefit from a corrupt system. For many, particularly in urban environments, acting and being nice or compassionate is purely a social ploy for exploitation. In an environment with thousands of faces every day - being nice is a platitude. No one has the time or concern to consider others as there are just too many.


They pretend to care about such things as integrity and honesty - but only insofar as calling someone else out for a lack of it can give you an advantage. It isn't about being a good person - it is about protecting your own advantage while assailing others.


Expanded to tribal politics, they will defend any criminal behavior if it benefits the tribe or its goals as they see it. They don't really care how corrupt it is - just so long as they are able to call the shots.


In order for them to care, they have to get hurt by those policies. Since we do not have peoppe willing to stand on principle, we will instead suffer the pain. Though I doubt that will be enough, honestly. We shall see, though.