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But after some time, they say, Cain was able to produce something and he presented an offering to God. And nothing happened. Abel tended sheep. In gratitude, Abel would offer the fattiest, juiciest, choicest of his flock to God. God is a big fan of BBQ I guess bc according to our story, Abel was greatly blessed by God. Idk what that means or what it looks like exactly. But whatever it was it really pissed off Cain. Cain began to harbor all the nasty ugly feelings a heart can harbor and there they festered. Hatred, rage, jealousy and never forget greed. Shaking my head. Anyway, It is so bad that The Lord sees fit to intervein and warns Cain of his folly. Why are you angry? There is no need …. Sin is crouching at your door, it desires to have you, but you must master it.” I find it interesting how Cain doesn’t even take time to ponder God’s words, nope, Cain promptly responds with luring his brother out to the field and killing him. Pre-meditated. In cold blood. His brother. His flesh and blood. The son of his mother’s womb, like himself. Cain killed his brother bc he hated him having what he did not. Is the bottom line. Now imagine if you will, the horror of finding your good son, the son God even favored more, dead. Bleeding from his head. Dead. He was not fighting his brother. Smh. And when you ask Cain about it, he basically tells whoever is asking to fuck off. Im not my brother’s keeper. Liar. Anyway………. Here is where all hell breaks loose. THIS is the moment in time where everything changes. Now as convenient as it is to have no witnesses aside from adam, eve, God and a serpent, we know this isn’t true. it is far from the truth. Im making up a number but realistically its gotta be what? 500. 1500 souls? Idk, but everyone can see what Cain has done, the women folk are outraged, the men folk are outraged, everybody is outraged. And rightly so. Abel was one of the nicest people the town had the pleasure of knowing. Idk, could be true but im making stuff up as to who Abel was. Anyway, I can easily imagine the feelings of shock and natural disgust. Everybody expect Cain, who is defiant and without remorse, arrogant even. Im not making that up, read it. and then there’s dad, who we all know damn well is so heart broken he cant speak, he cant think. I am suspecting, due to the drastic change occurring later in our story that it is mom who is really angry. She very well could be leading the crusade for swift justice. Son be damned. She is ready for the Good Lord to have them both. How dare Cain do such a thing. He cant be allowed to carry on as though nothing has changed. Everything has changed. Is not true justice a life for a life. This was no accident, this was hatred stewing in a heart and everyone in town knows this. It was so bad God himself had to tell Cain about it. the town knows too. this violent act is everything we have risen up and away from. Animals with no soul behave this way. Screams Eve….. But guess what, Eve cant pull the trigger, she needs the hubby to do it. so she hounds him? And hounds him till his ability to think clearly is shattered. “Adam” cant bring himself to do it. does he forbid anyone else from doing whats right either? Idk. he knows in his heart of hearts the right thing to do is meet this unfortunate event with the same swift abrupt end Cain brought upon Abel. It doesn’t take a genius. but nope. It is too much. New Adam cant lose both sons. Better to allow Cain to further spread his idea of treatment of others, even his own brother with contempt and murderous ways. right? this is a mistake.