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For anons too young, this was the beginning of the CLINTON body count



Murder On The Tracks Part 4 - Past And Present - The "Banned" Episode


Apr 9, 2022


Carnage On ice

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Originally created in early 2019, Murder on the Tracks Part 4 was blocked in some countries due to some content… That content has now been removed.

A couple of updates have been inserted as well.


Production on a brand new Murder on the Tracks is underway, which will contain ALL NEW content and another angle of this tragic story will be explored with very shocking results.


In the meantime, the website is up and running and loaded with documents, video footage, newspaper accounts, and more, so you'll definitely want to visit there and spend hours exploring and learning more…

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Umm, Robert Maxwell bought up all the science and medical journals and corrupted them to control them for profit.


MONDAY, JULY 04, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #3

March 2, 2022


It has been five years since this secret keeper died. He was the last of them. He lasted a few months longer than the other secret keeper alive. Were they really the last secret keepers though? I mean the person who pulled the actual trigger could be considered a secret keeper too. He died of COVID in 2020. The secret keeper who died five years ago had a job which allowed him to make sure no researcher ever got a chance to look at files hidden away in this Presidential library. Even when he died, there was no one who was going to be able to find them. What they didn't think about though, is when the man who pulled the trigger died and everyone who was interested in his story. I mean there are not that many Medal Of Honor winners. There are even fewer who had been pulled from Special Forces after just a couple of years, to pull off the kill of the century and then sent back overseas to hide. It was when he was sent back, that he got that Medal Of Honor. Researchers have been combing through the library's records for information on this soldier and how he somehow knew this President extremely well and did more than just this one "favor."


Bennie G. Adkins/Zbigniew Brzezinski/Assassination of John F. Kennedy/Lyndon B. Johnson