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When does it become mathematically impossible to all the panicked doubters?

Guess who's back.


The ban page on 8kun does indeed show that the B post was removed and blocked from projectdcomms by the actual board owner 2 days ago.


Assuming the ban page hasn't been messed with, that means whoever removed the post did it with Q's password.


Assuming Q was smart enough to have separate passwords for his tripcode and his private board, that would mean that any potential hacker would have to crack two separate passwords in order to pretend to be Q.

Anonymous ID: 78ed0f Aug. 6, 2022, 7:46 a.m. No.17074705   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Today I made a decision to live my life without limits, after all, if you don't care and maintain yourself, who will? No longer will I be the "star" that gives everything to others. Today I become selfish to those who don't love or care about my feelings. No more Mr. Niceguy do everything for everyone. It's now Mr. Me, and don't fuck with me or you will not enjoy it. Too many years sacrificed for nothing. When those around you are narcissistic, you must love yourself first, don't expect them to love you at all.


Today I said fuck off to my old life. What ryhmes with Life? Ya, I said fuck off to that too. Cuck I am not, or ever will be. Pain is what will now follow for those concerned. The pain I have felt being me, no one knows the pain, now they will. Fook hanging on a cross, do you think that's the first fooking thing the Lord wants to see when he returns? A depiction of him hanging and dying on a cross? Fuck no he doesn't, trust me.


There is one Creator, one "God" so to speak and he's now pissed off at humanity for what was given and what was destroyed. Get up off your asses and make this world a better place. Your creator is here with you. Don't think you cannot change the world because you can and must be alongside me.


Two seals have been broken so far, what will be the next?


The Grand Alignment is quickly coming to an end. The world is feeling the presence of the Creator, moving to his commands. Moving to his love. It won't be long now before the spark hits humanity and those that can wake will wake.


I love all of you, perhaps in a nonhomo way, perhaps not. Either way I am always here if you need to talk. Or be talked to.


Love is the answer to all questions. Fear has no power.