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It isn't merely the shills.


The shills have script writers.


The pattern of the shilling here is identical to fake news.


All of a sudden anti-Musk narrative posted here that matches fake news.


Same source.


Who is the aource?


Kek, these people are totally fucked.


No 'conventional' armies needed.


Digital army is going to completely unfuck the BUG FILLED code that is 'the current narrative'.


This is why Durham's logic is starting with the introduction of knowingly false information into the highest levels of government data pipelines, and media.


Once that door was opened, where THE EYE SAW ITS OWN REFLECTION after Durham/Q successfully introduced the mirror code, that opened the entire intelligence network of the entire global cult as subject to investigation.


This logic can go right to the top of the chain of command.


Just identify by 'prompting' knowingly inconsistent theorems to be fed back into Durham/Q's Halting Problem Machine, and the whole map can be unfolded, because the ROOT CLASS is itself structured to only output dialectic inconsistencies.


They be fucked because they're doing this from and to themselves.


We just continue to dig and new golden age begins…