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Jean-Pierre: We are in a different place in this world right now than we have ever been. We are in a pandemic; dealing with a pandemic.

[the 'pandemic' is long over]

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Reporter: Why is [Biden] bragging today about gas prices?

Jean-Pierre: Because it's gone down.

Reporter: It's still $1.72 higher than when he took office.

Jean-Pierre: It has come down in a way that we haven't seen in over a decade.

Reporter: It's still over four dollars a gallon. Is that good?

Jean-Pierre: You want to talk to a nurse, or a teacher, or a firefighter, if having that little bit of breathing room doesn't matter to them…

Reporter: Are nurses, teachers, and firefighters saying, 'prices are only $4.11, this is great'?

Jean-Pierre: I am saying that even that little breathing room matters to families…the historic tapping of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, one million gallons per day until September, that matters.

[they have sold from the Reserve to other countries; little to no effect on gas prices here]

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Reporter: We have seen an escalation of tensions between US and China directly as a result of Speaker Pelosi's visit, so I'm wondering why the White House is hesitant to publicly criticize the decision to travel.

Jean-Pierre: Because it's her right to travel. There is a precedent for this.

Reporter: Whether or not it's her right, the result of that right has created problems for the White House and the administration.

Jean-Pierre: Again, my answer is not going to change. It was her right to travel.

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Reporter: [Biden] talked about creating 613,000 manufacturing jobs…only 41,000 have actually been created. The rest have been added back. Is that misleading the American public?

Jean-Pierre: No, we don't think so.

Reporter: It's not creating those jobs, it's adding back the vast majority, and creating 41,000.

Jean-Pierre: We're talking about the fastest recovery, and that matters.

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Jean-Pierre: We are talking about a piece of legislation [Inflation Reduction Act] that one hundred-twenty six economists, republicans and democrats, are supporting and saying it's going to bring down inflation. That five former treasury secretaries, republicans, democrats, saying it is going to fight inflation. It is just shameful to see what is happening.

[all those cited are economic career criminal yes-men]