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Michigan town defunds 'groomer' library over its insistence on including graphic LGBT content in young adult section


After a protracted battle over its LGBT content, residents of Jamestown Township, Michigan, voted no (62.5% to 37.5%) on August 2 to a 10-year millage renewal and increase for the Patmos Library. (A millage rate is the tax rate used to determine local property taxes.)

Bridge Michigan has reported that 84% of the library’s $245,000 annual budget derives from the now rejected millage, which means, according to library board president Larry Walton, Patmos will likely run out of funds in early 2023, despite the library having $325,000 in reserve. It will also mean residents won't have their property taxes raised by $24.

Walton accused those who voted to defund the library over its LGBT content of being “short sighted.”

Nathan Triplett, president of the ACLU of Michigan, lauded Walton and his team for "refus[ing] to give in" to the demands of residents of a county that voted for Donald Trump over Joe Biden by a 20-point margin.