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Has this been posted here yet? Anybody picking up what Derik is laying down?

We need DIGGERS here!!!


Shall we play a game?


For those that understand how to dig, here is a target.

What ever happened to the money?

What was the payment really for?

Whitehat digs only.

Metadata is key.


For those that want to learn, this is where I got my start:




@AnQaTV I am tapping you as the repository for found information. I place this game in your hands for dissemination.


Together we take OUR COUNTRY back!

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The more they fight against us, the deeper they dig their own grave!!!

Go ahead and please show your support to the Warmongers that have earned MILLIONS from the blood spilt by our American Soldiers, please go ahead and show us who you really are!! And we will wipe you out politically!! You will NEVER hold a public office again, EVER!!!

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Folks, you are witnessing a snake crawling out from under his rock. Look at that pale skin, no sun for a while does that to you! Look into those evil evil eyes - you can see a man's soul through his eyes and this man is pure evil!