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Went to Mass this morning

Priest explained reading in context of history

He said God sent Amos to prophesize in the northern kingdom which was made of 10 tribes of Israel

Southern Kingdom was 2 tribes and was where Jerusalem was located.

All were required to make 3 pilgrimages a year to Jerusalem.

But the Trina in north decided to make and worship golden calves so they would not have to make trips

The became very rich selling the idols and got more power via cheating people with crooked scales

They had no need for God

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As I understand itt, they believe that god created them as incomplete beings and it is up to them to advance their being to a moar complete being.

That complete being wound be a god then

The have minds and bodies but their soul is the culture, or their man made society in which they advance

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It’s not a movie

It was f me a film of the celebration of Jewish Biblical times supposedly

It was the idea of a Jewish Mayor who had it in his mind to put on BBC a big production using all Chicago Jewry.

He hired Danvers and artists from Chicago