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Level '-1'its a psyop by the deepstate; operation trust

Level '0'Its a larp/conspiracy theory; Qanon

Level '1'Q is legitimately connected to/derived from individuals in military, Trump, & other powerful individuals and entities, but its just a group of people, and even these people, aren't anymore godlike than someone like putin or the british royal family, other intelligence agencies etc.. they're still people, a lot of the Q drops flopped.. there's a lot of hype in it.. but its a positive thing.. even if just a bit cringe.. and it is a bit cringe, but I don't want to knock it, because I support the general movement.

Level '17'(pretty neat, funnest level, but retarded) - Q isn't God or anything, but its basically a godlike group of people, who do know exactly what's going to happen and when.. regardless of the past 10,000 fruitless interpretations, I'm confident every single thing has a hidden meaning related to Q, and every Q post was true and accurate, and/or misinfo necessary.

Level "JewJewJewJewJewJewJewJew"its the jews

Level '2'Hmmm. What Level 1 said.. re: Jews, noted, but… well.. its a bit shilly to be obsessed with race they are, and just one group, even if they're at the top of the pyramid, there's lots of bad guys, just get the bad guys regardless of who they are.. and yes, the top of the pyramid of bad guys… we hear you, we're just not as retarded as you and pretty sure half of you are feds

Level "Gary"its the jews and their faggot boomer minions

Level 3Damn, every fuckin time… still though.. focus on the crime.. the game is full of traps.

Level 4Every fuckin time.

Level '44,000'(absolute dogshit) Q involves aliens, Jesus's brother and/or interpreted at face value.

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keep up the good fight faggot. hope you're comfy.. wearin lady's underwear or some shit.. being a tranny… its important that you're just a good roleplayer as baker.. just be a good baker.. doesn't matter that you're a tranny.. we can trust you because you're friendly to anon, and criticize jews.. must be good!