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How many humans have ever lived on earth?


Who chose the 40 authors of the Bible books to be the Creator of the Universe's only recorded presence on the planet?


Creator of the Universe


A very contradictory narrative about the evolution of human god-king worship.


I'm just saying, the spirit of the Creator cannot be confined to the uncorroborated words of long dead men.

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So the various fictions that people propogate onto themselves like "monarchism" is "the only authorized social construct" in spite of all the hell and destruction Monarchies inflict on the Earth?


We see, in the book, that it failed into debauchery and greed. Why would anyone want more of that?

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Yes yes, and slavery is freedom, and sacrifice is divine, and the right of Kings to rape their subjects comes from God, never to be questioned…blah, blah, blah…go away, Rabbi.