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Biden and Jill sit 14 rows BACK at the Queen's funeral: President and first lady get put behind the Polish leader in line-up of 2,000 guests


>what about that “special relationship”?


President Joe Biden and first lady Jill sat 14 rows back in Westminster Abbey, behind the president of Poland, for Queen Elizabeth's funeral on Monday, after arriving for the memorial service in his motorcade while other world leaders took the bus.


The leader of the free world merited an aisle seat in complicated seating plan drawn up under strict British protocol rules.


But he didn't rank ahead of other royals: the Emperor and Empress of Japan were seated in the 6th row, behind European royals and the King of Jordan.


The Bidens arrived at the state funeral via their presidential car The Beast in a private motorcade while other world leaders rode together in buses. American security protocols for the president are strict and require him to travel in the armored car with security vehicles surrounding him.


During the hour-long memorial service, the president sat directly behind Andrzej Duda, the Polish leader, and directly in front of Petr Fiala, the prime minister of the Czech Republic.


Jill Biden sat next to Ignazio Cassis, the president of Switzerland.


The Bidens were seated in the south transept section of Westminster Abbey, in an area of the church reserved for world leaders. The south transept contains the poet corner were prominent British authors like Geoffrey Chaucer are buried.


After the memorial service, the Bidens left for Washington D.C.


Funeral seating has a strict protocol for the heads of state, prime ministers and presidents, members of European royal families and other guests among the 2,000 mourners gathered at the abbey.


Guests were seated to the left, right and in front of the platform that held the Queen's casket. King Charles and members of the royal family made up the first few rows.



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I see the (former) Duchess of Pork took a prominent role in today’s ceremonies…


Fergie's farewell: Duchess of York joins daughters Beatrice and Eugenie for Queen's committal service at Windsor - after landing a prime seat at Westminster Abbey





Fergie was married to the Queen's 'favourite son' for 10 years before they split in 1992 and divorced in 1996, but has continued to live with the Duke in their home of the Royal Lodge in Windsor.


She previously described them as 'the happiest divorced couple in the world', living under the same roof, but with their own rooms. 'We support each other like pillars of strengths,' she added.


The 62-year-old recently vowed to stand by the prince after he stepped back from frontline royal duties and was stripped of his military titles and patronages in the wake of the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal, and described him as 'a very good and kind man'.


The mother-of-two, who shares her two daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie with Andrew, has sparked a raft of royal scandals over the years.


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