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Barkly Mayor Jeffrey McLaughlin charged with drug offences


The Mayor of the Barkly region has been arrested over drug charges.


Northern Territory Police say they stopped a car in Tennant Creek just after 10am yesterday and a 42-year-old driver allegedly returned a positive roadside test result for cannabis.


Police then searched a nearby home and allegedly seized "a number of cannabis plants and material".


Jeffrey McLaughlin has been charged with drug driving, cultivating, possession and supply offences.


He has been bailed to face Tennant Creek Local Court on October 11.


Barkly Regional Council chief executive Emma Bradbury confirmed she was aware of the matter.


"These are matters that are private to the Mayor," she said.


She added that the matters were being dealt with by NT Police and were separate to his role at council.


Mr McLaughlin was elected Mayor in September 2020.