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POTUS thanking the Tom dude who made the speech with the line about the "Eye of the Storm."


Length is 1:23…Q123 is interdasting.

>Nothing is random.

>Everything has meaning.


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156 days. Last tweet before yesterday was April 16. Q156 is ++ which would be the Roths, interdasting again…


>Concerts are all but dead in my life now

Same. Baseball games too. Fuck their soulless commie horseshit.

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Shoulda clicked the linky in the tweet, here's the synopsis for Cornball's novel:

>"Comey’s Central Park West will follow “an assistant U.S. Attorney whose case against a high-profile mobster is derailed when a shocking turn of events reveals possible ties between the Mafia and the headline-making murder of a local politician,” Mysterious Press said."

Sounds comms-y. Assassination. In SDNY. Cough…cough…what AUSA we know in SDNY…cough…cough…?