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>>17556297 (/lb)

>"is not without consequences"


Anon sees this tacit threat messaging from many 'independent' woke organizations.


Yes, everything "has a consequence", but SO DOESTHEIRTARGETING OF CHILDREN.


It is as if they believe the only 'consequences' everyone must be limited to, are from their own actions and statements, but completely negating that dialectic logic for their OWN activities.


If every action has a reaction, if every action or statement has 'consequences', then it logically must follow that the statements they are RECEIVING are themselves a "consequence" of THEIR actions and statements.


Now this logic can go on and on, whose actions are and in what way are a 'consequence' of other's actions and statements, but at some point the logic stops at CHILDREN.


And that is where Anon sees the REAL 'problematic' activity.


The 'wokecoms' are mutilating, chemically castrating, and 'transmutating' children WHO DID NOTHING WRONG, but according to these psycho wokecoms, by virtue of being born in God's image THAT is considered by the wokecoms as containing an information set that 'has a consequence' for these sock bastards, that because they were born, THAT has a 'consequence' of having their bodies mutilated.


These sick threatening bastards want to talk about the 'consequences' of actions? THEY HAD BETTER LOOK TO THEIR OWN ACTIONS AS HAVING CONSEQUENCES.


(to be consistent with their own logic)

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We control the information.


That's why you're here, while Anons are not on


The more you post attacks here, the more you prove your own negations.


The more you post here, the more you prove you're attacking what threatens you, and thus who and what is in fact winning.



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It's a factual representation of her own choices according to the wokecoms who put race in front of EVERYTHING.


AND it's a factual representation of the choice of Biden and his radical left handlers. Since they chose her, they too must like an old white men's ass getting kissed by black women.


Democrats are so racist aren't they.


Black woman kissing old man's asses, refugee Latinos and Latinas getting kicked out of Martha's Vineyard, HRC quipping 'they all look alike' and laughing about it, etc, etc, etc.


When will their racism end?

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The New York Times: “Her (Peekaboo James) case against him could be difficult to prove. Property valuations are often subjective, and the financial statements include a (very strong) disclaimer.” Thank you!