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Remember how they say the parties switched? There's more to that than R vs D, L vs R.


Whatever is bound on earth is bound in heaven. Those who break the law are cut off from their people.


Those who trust in Jesus are not cut off. Remember we Trust in Him through faith, justified by faith.


They think they are justified by their bloodline and the law that HE fullfilled.


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No you say you do, but you reject those who are in Him. You do not understand what it means that He is the Way, the Truth, and the LIFE.


You still think He will torture people for eternity. In scripture, does Jesus sound like He believes in torture? YOU kill Him in the eyes of others by the lies you teach in His name.

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According to the law, the Jews are cutoff from their people. Symbolism can mean many things, what's important is to look for Truth. The Word is alive in US, we have Life, not the scripture.


Left and Right hands of God is a big point in the bible.


Have you never heard that we are the body of Christ? People are expecting a body, a single man to come back, not realizing the Spirit is in us.


Those who don't realize and call me satan for saying so don't realize they're literally rejecting Him.


Remember, Mary Magdalene was the first to see Jesus, but the others didn't believe her until they saw for themselves.