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Thanks Baker for the bread.


Jesus was the original Q. He dropped crumbs, not for 0000AD humanity but for post 1980 humanity. Every parable Jesus taught referred to 2022 humanity exactly. The choice of 1000 years of light before final judgement is being made by this generation. The signs have come. There will be a separating of the grain from the flak of humanity in 1000 years.

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Those elites that worship Satan hide behind the Jews and Catholics and Muslims and use them as their human shields for all criticism. Yes, they are using the Jewish religion, an obscure religion with only .02% of the global population, as their home base.


The Jewish People and Religion are real. The Jewish leadership and ruling elites are not Jews. We have their playbook. Jesus Christ had their playbook.

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Israel is the country that it's legal to traffic arms, money and human beings, being given 'special' status in all 200 Nations. Israel is the conduit for Ukraine, China, North Korea, Germany, France, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia. Head of the Snake.