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>>17560169 (pb)

Kind of pissed, anon here all day every day and the first I heard about this Sep 24 conspiracy is from the MSM.

C'mon, man!

It is just like when we got left out of the show up for Jan 6th or John-John coming back to life in Dallas

Never hear about these things here, but read them all in the media or commie frens see it on CNN and tell me.

What the hell does an anon have to do?

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Nice trips!


Fact-check says its both from early Dec 21.

The rightmost clip, which shows Biden in front of a blue banner with eagle insignia, was recorded first. It comes from a longer speech on the administration's response to economic and supply chain issues on Dec. 1, 2021, and was delivered in the Eisenhower Executive Building, C-SPAN archives and the White House transcript show.

The clip on the left side of the meme comes from a news conference Biden gave on December 3, 2021. The large, white fireplace visible in the clip, decorated with pine branches and string lights for the holidays, is that of the White House State Dining Room, according to C-SPAN and the White House transcript.

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Just want to understand what this anon is claiming with these images.

9/11 and Sep 24 look similar. 9/11 was delayed twice, should have occurred in late August. Are Saudis going to wreck into buildings in NY? MbS has KSA well under control, so don't really see that again.