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I wrote my state AG about the IRS craziness. I voluntarily left my job this year for multiple reasons, but no longer needing to file taxes is increasingly compelling. I am taking some time off and learning to raise food.

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Don't want to get caught espousing an "unapproved" opinion and held up in some DC gulag until after the election. Everyone on social media should be 100% Marxist until after the midterms. At least this will confuse the algorithms.


To be clear: IRL I don't act this way, but in an odd way it makes sense sometimes.

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At about 1 hour 32 minutes he starts talking about the German government running fake social media accounts that are far right.

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We are being weaned off the grid. Then when we don't need it anymore a lot of good things will happen. No pesky governments hooking us up to "meters" and such and then massively trespassing and spying on us. We already have alternative fuel technology.