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>I'd say the lying press is the most ridiculous



i could talk for 6 days about Ukraine and not repeat myself


trying to explain even a fraction -

generates a cognitive dissonance gap


it is sad, and lonely at times

but i would not trade

for the bliss of ignorance

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after the breakup of USSR

the country of Ukraine had the world's 3rd largest nuclear arsenal. Russia and the U.S. (and Ukraine) agreed to de-nuke, and forever let Ukraine remain neutral, with no eastward advance by NATO. yeah, right.


this is why so many new Ukrainian-Americans are here, and were given housing and incentives during Clinton and W admins. we adopted an entire country.


backtrack to the final days of WWII,when US and the Soviets were competing for talent: think Werner von Braun and Operation paper clip. Stephen Bandera was spared from Nuremberg by the Dulles brothers et al to be thorn in Stalin's side.

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Ukraine is a cess pool. the largest non-state hacking capitol. snuff films,CP, trafficking - Ukrainian Military Leaders seem to have fetish for trans prostitutes. you can learn a lot at half (/pol/chug/) corruption - it's a way of life that most Yanks can't even fathom.


skipping ahead to the color revolutions

not going to detail here, but you might want to look at the Rose, Orange, Tulip and other Color Revolutions.


Yovanovich went to Kirghistan "just in time"


color revolutions was a major topic at last week's China-Russia summit, and Xi is creating a task force for greater Asia.