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Colleen Shogan is a textbook example of a leftist anti-intellectual partisan hack projecting their own anti-intellectualism on republicans.


This has been prevalent since at least the mid 1800s in Germany and continues to motivate the left today in the EU and in leftist captured universities and colleges.


It stems from the dialectical faith logic that tricks its adherents into believing that their logic has special access to reality, when all along it was just their own warped self-alienated ideology dream world.


The lack of intellectual connection with reality as it is has resulted in an illusion that incoherent drivel is a signal of high intelligence.


Contrary to Shogan, the ability to translate complex phenomena to 'plain language' is in fact the hallmark of high intelligence, and an INABILITY to do so the mark of lower intelligence.


The replies of Shogan shows she is an anti-intellectual who couldn't even describe her own paper in plain language without contradicting herself, and avoided and dodged by deflecting to repeated references to "15 years of non partisan service" that didn't answer Hawley's questions.


Every time she said "absolutely not" she was contradicting the logic of her own paper.


What an embarrassment.