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Barack Obama says John Fetterman is fit

to serve in Senate after stroke


New York Post, by Melissa Klein


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Posted By: Black Conservative Voice, 11/6/2022 6:31:26 AM


Former President Barack Obama insisted Saturday that Pennsylvania Lt. Gov John Fetterman was fit to serve in the US Senate despite the lingering effects of a stroke suffered in May. Fetterman is facing Republican opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz in a tight contest for the Keystone state’s open Senate seat. “John’s stroke did not change who he is, it didn’t change what he cares about, it didn’t change his values, his heart, his fight,” Obama said during a rally in Pittsburgh. “It doesn’t change who he will represent when he gets to the United States Senate. He’ll represent you. And that’s what you deserve.”

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It was a dark speech from Biden tonight.


In his last chance to persuade voters before the midterms, he threatened that the wrong vote - votes for his opponents - was an existential threat to democracy.


The desperation of scare tactics when you have nothing left to offer.

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