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PF CONUS Update: 2 high level G5s at Peterson SFB in the last hour-SAM440 (this is KAF AC of interdast-cap #2) and high profile as it was used during 45's campaign in 2020 and led out AF1 on those multiple stop days leading up to election day with SAM448 also on ground at PSFB-so three in the top 5 of G5s of the 99th Airlift Squad are at command/control bases or in SAM617s case returning to JBA from Offutt AFB after a very short stop of about 25m-turn and burn-that AC has also been used as AF2 in the past by both pence and kneepads with SPAR513 Learjet 35 SW from JBA after a stop at Topeka of about 70m-RCH4182 and 4177 C-17 heading to a snowy McChord from JBA depart (equipment for visits by Potato/Potata/Kneepads) and YAHOO47 E-6B Mercury returning to Offutt-and doing runway shots nao- after a run over WY, MT, ND and finally HEFTY45C-5 Super Galaxy departing Travis AFB

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SAM394 C-40BState Dept. ACSE from Prague ground stop of about 1h45m, INDIA1 737PM Modito Jalandhar from New Delhi depart, (Eye of ) SAURN53 Rivet Joint in the Persian Gulf west after a run in the Gulf of Oman-back to Doha and 11-9355 E-11A BACN GLEX 'aerial wif-fi' back over western Iraq from Riyadh